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                                                                                                A professional conservation practice dedicated to the preservation 
                                                                                                           of furniture, wooden artifacts and architectural woodwork 

Founded in 1975 in Sheffield, Massachusetts, we relocated to Richmond, Virginia in 1986. Over the years, we have broadened our scope of expertise from furniture conservation to include treatment 
of interior architectural woodwork, wooden artifacts and other objects. A complete listing of our service offerings can be found under Client Services.

Our goal is to provide museum quality preservation services that reflect 
the best interests of  both the object and client When needed, the F.C. 
Vogt Company utilizes the talent, artistry and scholarship of numerous professionals to accomplish these treatment goals. These include other conservators, artisans, historians, lab technicians, materials scientists 
and various consultants. This is especially important for large and 
complex conservation efforts that we project manage.

All of these individuals work independently and bring specific expertise 
and experience to our conservation team. A listing and description of 
these individuals can be found on our Contacts and Links page.

Founder and President
AIC Professional Associate
IMLS Conservation Project Support Field Reviewer
Vetting Committee, Winter Antiques Show, NYC 
Numerous publications and lectures
A complete CV is available upon request
A dedicated and professional staff is at the foundation of a successful outcome for each project. Every employee of the F.C. Vogt Company is committed to providing the highest levels of craftsmanship, integrity and historical accuracy.

Shipping and handling requirements vary, depending upon the 
object and distance. Objects are packed, crated or blanket 
wrapped as needed by trained employees. 

For distances of over 300 miles, shipping arrangements are made 
through professional art handlers that we determine are qualified.

Architectural woodwork is rarely moveable and usually requires
work in situ. At times the size of some objects or other concerns prevent the movement of objects to our studio. 

Over the years we have developed the capacity to mobilize our treatment capacities for analysis, woodwork and finish treatments, work site preparation and safety requirements to be available anywhere in the country. This is especially important relative to disaster response and object triage.

All on site conservators have fulfilled either OSHA 10 or 20 training as well as CPR. Workplace safety policies are in place for materials handling, ventilation, worker safety and personal protective equipment.

The studio, offices and storage areas are humidity and temperature stable. The premises are monitored 24/7 for security and fire. Items are stored in a dust free protected area. 

The facility includes a woodworking shop capable of almost any type of fabrication as well as separate finishing room.
Photography and lab facilities are also on the premises
The F.C. Vogt Company is fully licensed and insured and operates as a Virginia "C" corporation.

While basic insurance is provided by the company, we request that objects are insured by the owner. Highly expensive objects may require a specific rider to our policies.

Worker's Compensation Insurance is provided for all employees as well as bonding and liability insurances as needed. 
€œA chair is a very difficult object. A skyscraper is almost easier. That is why Chippendale is famous.
Ludwig mies van der Rohe, German-American architect

Company Information
Chair by Rohlfs and Green, Buffalo, NY, ca. 1904
Conservation by F. C. Vogt Company, 2008
Museum collection